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Wedding in Antalya Turkey

Why Antalya...?

There isn’t anybody who sees this land and don’t admire, in which 11 civilizations had lived before. Among these civilizations, those places which have been protected as a historical museum till today...Known in the mythology by all over the world, in these Mediterranean lands in Antalya where the Zeus & Hera has lived their love... Who doesn’t want to marry here Antalya City Of Love...?It’s a privilege to have a wedding in Antalya with a professional wedding planner in Turkey!

You can experience “3 seasons summer and 1 season spring” in Antalya with a Mediterranean climate. Antalya is a preferred city with the warmest sun and cleanest beach gained “Blue Flag“ at the same time is a marvellous city with its historical places and historical residences where all civilizations had been lived in. Getting married in Antalya Turkey attract the couples with its hospitality, enormous service, comfortable luxury hotels and the taste of world cuisines.

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The wedding is one of the most special days of the wedding couples and relatives. Our Company ‘’Wedding City Antalya’’ as an International Wedding Planner in Turkey Antalya provides the best service for wedding groups for the wedding in Antalya Turkey by combining the culture of each couple anywhere in the world with our culture ‘’hospitality’’ since we attach importance to the wedding will be held in Turkey. We are very happy to share the common joy with the wedding groups of different cultures who came from different parts of the world. Each wedding for us is a new culture and new friends.

This is a special and incredibly holy feeling when people who are completely unfamiliar to each other - a wedding planner and a couple who are going to get married, located on opposite sides of the earth, get acquainted via e-mail on the Internet and become friends after the wedding ceremony that they lived together. A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life. The goal of our company Wedding City Antalya and the whole team is to realize the wedding dream of the newlyweds and to organize for them a wedding ceremony similar to a fairy tale dream.

Wedding at the Beach in Antalya

As a wedding planner in Antalya Turkey, our company provides services. Our Professional managers, young and dynamic team will inform you and also will guide you. Most suitable wedding package will be prepared for you and the most economical price will be provided you within 24 hours. Our company has wide knowledge & experience to organize the Civil Marriage of every citizen in the world since 2008. In order that citizens from all over the world can officially register their marriage in Turkey in Antalya, factual and reliable information about the necessary documents for the marriage in Antalya can be obtained from our company. Your official marriage in Turkey Antalya is a legal international marriage in all parts of the world.

Our Professional team will finish legal paperwork for civil marriage within half a day with kind support & help of officially authorized to make your wedding day perfect. So that you do not lose your vacation time with your family, our professional team will deal with official documents in the wedding authorities, and on the wedding day the official representative from the wedding authorities will be delivered to the wedding venue. Our state and official institutions provide all services for couples arriving in our country to get married. We will be glad to welcome you and your guests in our country

Wedding in Turkey

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Wedding planner in Antalya

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It is very important to choose the right Bridesmaid and Bestman

Duties of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen at the Wedding

If you have decided to unite your life with your loved one and have started the wedding preparations, you may have found yourself in a very busy, happy, exciting, hectic and sometimes even stressful process.This is also very normal, because couples (especially brides-to-be) want to have a perfect wedding and everything to look perfect, including themselves.

Details You Should Consider While Choosing A Wedding Suit

How will you choose the groom suit that will play a role from the wedding dress?

As you know, the selection of clothes for the groom is not a long and tiring process like that of brides. However, you need to choose the suit that will make you the star of the night and suit your body. For this reason, we tell you how to choose the most suitable groom suit in the most practical way.

Our Company Can Make Bridal Car Decorations for Your Weddings in Antalya

Texts for bridal car

Bridal Car Quotes Before the wedding, the bridal carriages are decorated and prepared to receive the bride. One of our most important traditions is to decorate the bridal car before the wedding.Bridal car Quotes are found in large numbers. You can find the most meaningful and most appropriate of these words and share them on your social media account.



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Wedding in Antalya

Wedding planner in Turkey