2021 wedding concept entertainment at Antalya Turkey

2021 Conceptual Wedding Entertainment

Creative Wedding Ideas For Those Who Say What Can Be Done Different

Most of the couples want their special day to be different from others and full of unforgettable surprises. If you think “What might be done differently at the wedding?”

and look for alternative wedding ideas, you should check our list we prepared. Lots of organizational ideas are available in that article. You can make your day unforgettable with trying interesting ideas.If you are planning an elegant and simple wedding organization, the concept that you can enjoy with watching entertainment without crowded at the dance stage is suitable for the pandemic period. You can also check the suggestions we prepared as an alternative choice for the unique day with the dance.

Welcoming the guests with a Music Feast
Have you ever considered alternatives so that the guests don't get bored when they enter the wedding venue and wait for the couple to leave? For example, if you meet them with a beautiful cello performance, it will be understood how full the wedding will be even when entering the venue. A Trio group playing classical music while entering the wedding venue can offer guests a great start.3F0A1269

Non-Dance Wedding Organization with Visual Show
It is not necessary for the guests to dance for a pleasant time! They can also have an enjoyable time watching dance show that professional dancers! Different types of shows such as tango, salsa, cha-cha, which are prepared by a professional crew, can flourish this special night.

You can get help for this from your wedding planner. Then, you can meet with the dance course and if you request, you can prepare a show accompanied by professional dance crew with your spouse. The dance course will help you about that issue. It will be sure an extraordinary and great show for your guests.
We have listed our suggestions that will give you an idea for the non-dance concept. If you need professionals to plan your organization, these services can be provided by experienced wedding planning companies.

Enjoyable Time with Humorous Theatrical Wedding Artist
One of the interesting organization ideas recently is the theatrical wedding! You know that mostly weddings take place before the marriage day. Couples can call the authorized officer to the wedding venue and have a civil marriage.

However, the cost of calling the registrar to the wedding venue can be a bit high. Of course, whether they will be available on the date of your wedding is another question.
For this reason, unreal marriage ceremonies have been held in the wedding venue in recent years. In other words, the Theatrical Wedding Artist is invited to the venue instead of the real registrar.

The artist not only performs all wedding rituals but also makes the guests have fun with his humorous words. In addition, this situation greatly reduces the stress of the couples during the marriage ceremony and makes them comfortable.
You Can Surprise the Guests with the Orchestra That Appears in a Moment
While dancing on the stage accompanied by the DJ with the guests, think of a band who suddenly appears with rhythm instruments with saxophones in their hands! Can you guess how the enthusiasm will reach the high?
Organization companies are very successful in shows such as wedding band, bridal reception band, cake cutting band, welcoming, classical band, duet, trio. You say the music team you want, they organize it right away.

Organization companies have experience about these kinds of events. In addition, there are many teams within their partners. They make a selection among these teams and choose the one that appeals to you the most.

Non-Dance Wedding Concept with Music Performance
We can recommend a cocktail wedding that has soft music in the background. You can have a simple organization with the small group and background music

First of all, a low-pitched music can be broadcast during the entrance of the guests and the catering because the guests will want to chat with each other in this process. In addition, if you are going to organize a cocktail event; In teams that use instruments such as cello, violin, saxophone, your organization company can handle them without any problems.

Cocktail Wedding Concept
The cocktail wedding concept is one of the organizational alternatives preferred by couples especially the recent time.

In cocktail weddings; At least 8-9 kinds of snacks and beverages are served to the guests. These snacks can usually be served as a single plate in the middle of the tables or as a cocktail plate for each guest.3F0A1045

It prices are more affordable than a dinner reception, so it is ideal for couples who want to have an enjoyable organization without overspending.

Marriage and Post-Marriage Dinner
Another alternative is marriage ceremony and post-marriage dinner reception for couples who want non-dance organization. If you want to celebrate and share unforgettable moments with only your closest ones after the marriage, it really suits you.

Post-marriage dinner is one of the organizations that provide you to celebrate with your closest ones. If the dinner will be had immediately after the marriage, venue should be close to the marriage saloon. If you are going to have this kind of organization, you can choose marriage at the garden or restaurant wedding options.

Most couples want their wedding to be different from the other couples and full of unforgettable surprises. You ask, "What can be done differently at a wedding?" If you think that and you are looking for alternative ideas, we hope that this article we prepared can give you an idea. To get more information, you can get free consultancy from our company, which is an international wedding operator.